Try not to hire people

Rule 2 of 100 from James Altucher's The 100 Rules of Being an Entrepreneur

In February 2014, Buffer received 2024 job applications for 10 job openings. They eventually offered 3 people from that 2024 jobs, not even filling the 10 openings they sought to fill. 3 out of 2024 is a 0.15% shot.

The comments of the article largely praised the company, for being selective with their hiring and choosing to hire only those who they believed perfectly fit with both their job requirements and the culture of the company.

The CEO of the company also stated that they choose to hire for the long term and not as a short-term fix. This means lot to me as I recall being hired for an internship where from the get-go it was clear we were not a good fit for each other and it seemed I was there merely as a plaster on a wound that would one day be pulled off.

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