Sell something people want to buy.

Above is a very popular adage in the startup world. I read this and focused on the something. What is that something that people want to buy? But what I had missed out was sell. I had to sell that something.

You have to think about the perfect product. Yes. It's important. But you also have to actually get a customer. And that is challenging. If you have not done it before, it's very challenging.

Getting a customer involves having the maturity and calmness of mind to sit down down and look at your product from an outsider's POV. And the ability to say no.

We all know build and they will come is a foolish adage with grave consequences. In our cluttered world, how is the world to know you are their saviour with an ark if you're always inside polishing the wood?

Get a customer.

Rule 3 of 100 from James Altucher's The 100 Rules of Being an Entrepreneur

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