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I just completed Project 2 of 6 for my Front-End TechDegree at Treehouse. I was provided with 3 PDFs of mock-ups (Mobile, Tablet and Desktop previews) and the associated media. I was then tasked to recreate the mock-ups in code, using purely HTML and CSS w/o any frameworks like SASS and Bootstrap.


Boy was it interesting. It wasn’t unbelievably challenging but man-handling the CSS into complying with my desires sure was a head-turner at times. I’m happy I finally managed to wrangle the code into submission, and am now waiting for peer reviews from other students before submitting it.

At the most frustrating points, I remember a coder acquaintance telling me, ‘HTML and CSS aren’t even programming languages, wait till you get to Javascript’. Wasn’t exactly encouraging but gave me the kick I needed to keep going.

CodeNewbie’s podcast was a help and I recall this nugget of wisdom:

”As programmers, we are paid to be frustrated”

That helped put everything in perspective :) Onwards to Project 3.

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