Learnings - 20-21 Jan 2016

20 January 2016

Entreprenurs First comes to Singapore

Looking for interested applicants, Europe's largest start-up creator has opened its first international office in Singapore. Successful applicants will participate in a three month programme where they will receive a stipend of $3500 a month. If the team comes up with a worthy start-up idea, EF will provide $25 000 for 8%. EF is most interested in healthcare, digital economy and urban sustainability

Singapore ranked second in talent competitiveness

Global Talent Index Ranking

This would place Singapore as the only Asian country to make it on the top 10. The the ranking compares nations' ability to product, attract and retain talent.

Mr Ambani

21 January 2016

27 radicalised Bangladeshi workers arrested

They were a part of a weekly closed religious study group created in 2013. In their possession were videos of young children conducting paramilitary training with the ISIS flag in the background. They also possessed a manual titled 'Techniques of Silent Killing'

Raises the question, who's the leader of the study group?

Maid salaries raised to $550 from $500 a month

Due to the Indonesia's Govt request to raise the minimum salary for Indonesian maids, foreign helpers will not have to be paid a minimum of $550/mth. Families currently also pay a foreign worker levy of ~$265/mth unless living with a Singaporean child under 16 years old or an elderly over 65 years old where they receive a concession.

Yishun will become Singapore's first dementia-friendly town

With an increase of hospitals in the area and education of shop staff and students on how to identify the signs of dementia and how to approach them.

China is stumped with their low birth rates

Despite removing their one-child policy, birth rates in China continue to be under expectations. Reasons include the current situation of China's economy.

Train to connect Singapore to China

China, Laos & Thailand have agreed on a trans-national railway connecting the 3 countries. Soon you'll be able to take the Malaysian KTM train from Singapore to Thailand and then the new railway to China.

Underreporting amount of fish caught

Studies have confirmed we have been withdrawing from a joint account for years, not knowing how much we have been withdrawing and and how much is left.

S'Pore Man arrested for money laundering in Australia

A Singaporean trying to launder more than a million dollars in a casino in Australia has been arrested.

5 planets in solar system line up after a decade

From now till the 20th of February, 5 planets will line up and be visible with the naked eye. 5:45am to 6:15am is the best time to attempt to catch the 5 planets.

DBS/POSB Bank pop-up ATMs for Chinese New Year

ATMs capable of issuing $100 in $2 dollar denominations will be littered around Singapore in lieu of Chinese New Year

SPCA finds a new home

SPCA moves house to Kranji, increases holding capacity to three times what it was previously.

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