Repair Services

Torn garments, dead watches or worn-off soles. Issues people face at times they're already swamped with their everyday life. What if you could call a company for help, receive a quote, and send your goods to them, to have them repair it and send it back to you. Would people pay for that? Does a service like such exist today?

Roaster Located


I don’t know where are the locations in Singapore that operate on a specialty/roast their own beans model. I also do not know who sources/roasts good beans.


Create a simple website locating all the roasters/cafes in Singapore. Use a simple card layout website.

  • Bean selection & tasting notes.
  • Bean availability (Last updated xx/xx/xx)
  • Location of roaster
  • If you like x beans from here, you might like y beans from there
  • Barista Profiles ft. their favourite drinks to prepare.


What would I like to site to look like that is within my skills?


This is a cool project idea if I can bring up my code to production ready. I have to keep on going down the Treehouse TechDegree path. But it’s good to feel the ideas seeping in as I become more attuned to the potentials the web possess.

I can also use this to get into contact with more coffee folks and maybe look for more work.