Commonplace Book

Fix interesting problems and the world will return to you in kind.

Fix your own problems first.

Pay employees too little or too much, they will leave. More importantly, make sure they are fulfilled, challenged and supported.

Recommendations from key influencers in your circle carry more weight than guides/Internet. (? May not apply to early adopters?)

Persuasion is the number one skill an entrepeneur needs.

Larger than normal network with a solid core is more valuable than a huge network.

100 people who LOVE you is better than 1 000 000 who kinda like you.

Life is a dance between what you want and fear the most.

Zappos doesn't sell shoes, they sell happiness.

To influence another human being, you have to know what already influences them. The 2 key influencers are your state of mind, your emotions at that specific moment, and blueprints, your beliefs and values.

Hell yeah or not at all.