Bought Ulysses

I paid SGD$65 for writing software Ulysses today. I bought it despite being cash tight. I paid for it because:

  1. it solved a problem painful enough
  2. i like what it said about me

Solving Problems

There exist talented writers, able to write beautiful compositions in slow and overburdened programs like Microsoft Word or even TextEdit. Good on them. I am a mere mortal with the attention span of a fruit fly. I turn to minimalism not because I believe happiness comes from experiences rather than owning things but because I need simplicity and space to be able to do my work. Ulysses gives me this.


They say people buy nice things not just for its utility but for what it says about them. Ulysses is minimalist, thus I am minimalist. Ulysses is for creatives, oh look at me creating. Ulysses is beautiful, thus so am I.

But do I need $65 software to do what people have been doing for centuries? I guess.

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