10 000 Steps

About 4 months ago, I entered a harajuku moment where the planets seem to align and the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle met with the actual discipline to do so. One of the main tenets was to keep it simple and just walk more.

This week, if I hit my target, I’ll be walking 10 000 steps a day. It’s been a decently long journey.

Week 1: 4400 steps
Week 5: 6600 steps
Week 10: 8300 steps
Week 14: 10 000 steps

I wouldn’t say it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done but that doesn’t mean this hasn’t been fruitful and largely beneficial. I’ve lost around 10 kilograms thus far and am more likely to be just that bit more active.

If on the first day I decided to just start walking 10 000 steps everyday I’m sure I would have failed. Taking the smallest steps, to the tune of 5-10% increase every week was my biggest strategy. Patience is my weapon.

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